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Charlotte, Chakra course:

“I have loved every minute and have spent each week looking forward to the sessions. My physical body has benefitted hugely from the yoga practice and my heart and mind have benefitted enormously from the meditation and greater understanding of each chakra. It was fantastic – gave my everything I could have hoped for and more – thank you. 10/10”

Rachael, Chakra course:

“Lauren’s course is intelligent, insightful and transformative. 10/10”

Caroline, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to learn to cope with stress and manage my anxiety of negative thoughts and to deal with negative and confrontational situations more wisely. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and challenges of the course. It has definitely opened my mind to learn more and to develop my yoga practices. I hope to take forwards peace, calmness and tranquility and the ability to see the positive and good in life. I think Lauren’s method of teaching is very informative and her demeanor very soothing, calm and inspirational. 10/10.”

Zoe, 8-week course participant:

“I have recently in the last few months found yoga and mindfulness following a break down and being signed off work. The course has been a great experience and I have looked forward to the sessions every Wednesday. I feel so much more aware of a greater variety of techniques that I can take forwards with me in my journey and I have much more confidence in using them in my daily life. Thank you so much, you have been so informative and supportive and I have loved every minute! 10/10”

Annette, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to help me to reduce anxiety and stress. It exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every session. My favourite aspects were the relaxation, mindfulness and breathing techniques.Thank you so much for introducing me to something that I hope to practice forever more. 10/10”

Sandra, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to learn to relax and ‘switch off.’ It absolutely met my expectations. I encjoyed the course immensely and I would highly recommend it to others. 10/10.”

Kate, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to learn yoga in a safe environment without judgement and to explore ways to help my mental wellbeing. It has exceeded my expectations. I leave each class on a high, feeling accomplished, nourished and calm. I have enjoyed every session. The handbook and CD were great resources too. Thank you for the course and for all I have learnt. 10/10”

Jaye, 8-week course participant:

“My main reason for coming on the course was to help deal with the changes in life that seemed insummountable. Whether I was having a good or bad day I continually saw an improvement in how I felt after each session. It was better than I could have imagined. Thank you Lauren!” 10/10″

Rachel, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to spend time learning to live in the moment, to try and let go of the past and to learn to relax and stop worrying and blaming myself for everything. The course by far exceeded my expectations. I have really enjoyed it, more than I can put into words. Each week built upon the last and the materials and support between each class has been wonderful. The way you explained everything was a real skill…making each of us feel accepted and special. I hope to take as much as possible into my daily life; breathing, noticing my thoughts, living in the moment and accepting. Thank you Lauren, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how wonderful this course has been and how much you have helped me over the past few weeks.”

Jacquie, 1-2-1 Sleep Therapy Client:

“I really enjoyed our sessions and valued the reassurance you offered me when I was really struggling. Some of the things that really helped me were:

1) remembering to label some of the thoughts that have come up for me i.e. Judging, worrying …… such a useful tool to gain some distance and perspective. 

2) remembering that poor sleep does not necessarily mean that I’ll have a terrible day and watching any thoughts that try and sabotage my enjoyment of the day ahead. 

3) keeping in mind that sleep is not an isolated event but very much linked to my lifestyle and seeing it as incentive to make some positive small changes wherever possible. 

4) resisting the temptation to go to bed earlier to improve my chance of getting more sleep. Going to bed later even though it felt counter intuitive did help the quality of my sleep overall.

I would most definitely recommend you!x”

Debbie, 8-week course participant:

I came on the course to learn basic yoga moves and to get some help with techniques for relaxing and calming myself. The course exceeded my expectations. I had no idea just how much my mind wanders to the past and future and how little I think in the present. My only initial hesitation was making a commitment of taking 2 hours a week for myself – how ridiculous in hindsight! The course has been an absolute godsend during the most difficult time of my life; it has helped me to cope with grief, stress and lethargy. It is a well-measured, full but unstressful course, you don’t feel pressured to reach a certain goal which is refreshing. I found the teaching wonderful, Lauren is such a kind and generous coach and so supportive. I hope to take forwards the breathing practices, sun salutations, being kind to myself and not sweating over the small stuff. I would definately recommend the course to others. Thank you Lauren, this course has been a revelation on so many levels, but most of all has taught me to be kind to myself.”

Stephanie, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to understand and overcome postnatal depression. The course absolutely exceeded my expectations. I found it stimulating and relaxing and have come out a much happier person. I found the teaching brilliant, you are so approachable and gentle, perfect. I hope to take forwards my daily yoga practice and an awareness of myself, my body and my emotions. Thank you :-)”

Sally, 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy

“I started to see Lauren after I had my second child and was struggling with depression, anxiety and insomnia. As soon as I met Lauren I instantly felt a connection with her. She is a very friendly, caring and approachable person with a calm and relaxing aura. She has been incredibly supportive in helping me to feel better. I found the yoga and breathing techniques really helpful, as well as the sleep plan she made me, which is something that I often refer back to.  I have also learnt a lot about health and nutrition as well as the relationship between mind and body. I incorporate Lauren’s advice into my daily life and her support has helped me to feel much more positive.”

Clair, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to improve my sleep, reduce anxiety and to be more mindful. The course exceeded my expectations on every level! I thoroughly enjoyed each session. It was friendly, informative, relaxing, uplifting, fantastic! It brought me into a much lighter place. I found Lauren to be calming, very supportive, extremely knowledgeable and she has a sense of warmness towards others. Thank you so much Lauren for your kindness and wonderful energy!”

Helen, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to help me deal with anxiety and depression. The course exceeded my expectations. It’s put me on a path that I want to continue on. I found the teaching excellent, Lauren is amazing. I hope to practice weekly yoga classes from now on and also meditate at home. I would definately recommend  the course to others, I already have. Thank you Lauren, I will miss Sunday mornings with you.”

Dagmar, 8-week course participant:

“My main reasons for coming on the course were to help with panic attacks and digestive health problems. The course exceeded my expectations. It was very good, it helped me a lot, now I know how to calm myself down and how to relax and deal with life better. Lauren is a very nice person, I liked her voice and she is a good teacher. I hope to take everything that we learnt forwards, especially breathing. I would recommend the course to others!”

Jennifer, 8-week course participant:

“My main reason for coming on the course was general anxiety, stress and feeling I’d forgotten who I am. I had initial reservations as I was a complete beginner, but I was made to feel very welcome and it exceeded my expectations. I found the course excellent, I feel in a much better place and the style of teaching was perfect. I have learnt to breathe properly and find inner peace in myself. Lauren is a first class teacher and I shall miss the Sunday morning class.”

Joanne, 8-week course participant:

I came on the course to find a way to combat and cope with the stress I am going through. My only initial hesitations were expenses and time commitment as I find it difficult to do things for myself. The course was better than I expected in the way that it has helped me. It has relaxed me, helped my sleep and flexibility, and given me tools to use to help me through bad times. I found the style of teaching relaxing and uplifting. In my daily life I hope to take forwards: continuing the practice of exercise, meditation and breathing exercises.Thank you very much!”

Anne, 8-week course participant:

“My main reasons for coming on the course were to improve sleep problems, anxiety and mood. I had been looking out for an all-round course but had only found courses focused solely on mindfulness / meditation – this course was just right. The course met and exceeded my expectations. Initially I found some of the poses hard to hold but I got better and stronger as the course progressed. I enjoyed the atmosphere and found it restful and informative. This is the first course I have been on and I now feel confident that I could enjoy future courses and workshops. I found your teaching calm, relaxing and amazing, you have the loveliest voice and delivery and there was a calm progression through the yoga and mindfulness. I hope to take forwards in my daily life: not reacting so quickly and that my negative thoughts are just thoughts and don’t have to be acted upon, just acknowledged and moved to one side. Also to be kind and gentle to myself. Thank you so much”

Lynette, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to learn more about mindfulness and how it can be combined with yoga and daily living. I was a little hesistant as I wasn’t experiencing anxiety or depression but feel it is helpful as a tool as we all have difficult days. I learnt a lot and felt I could utilise many aspects of the course. I found the course to be very informative and it was a joy to be in the class. I found your teaching style excellent, very calm and clear and no expectations of ‘it must be like this.’ I hope to take forwards into my daily life: thoughtfulness, not worrying about things that may happen in the future or even what has happened in the past. Everyone should try this course!”

Laura, 8-week course participant:

“I came on the course to improve my breathing and to become suppler in my body. I was a little hesitant as I was a complete beginner and wasn’t sure if I would be able to do yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was relieved to find that it wasn’t pitched for very experienced yogis. I found the style of teaching perfect as I was able and encouraged to work at my own pace and within my body’s ability. I hope to take forwards living and enjoying the present moment and not being afraid to join a yoga class.”

Rosamund, 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy

“My main reasons for seeking yoga therapy were relaxation, stress reduction and overall health. Overall I have learnt to relax more, to notice tension in my body, particularly my shoulders, and my breathing. I found the entire therapy to be very beneficial, each session was well thought out and Lauren has very calming and clear instructions.I would most definitely recommend her to others.”

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