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Yoga Therapy 8 Week Course for Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Next course starting Wed 4th October 2017 in Bournemouth – *NOW FULLY BOOKED*

  • Do you suffer with high stress / anxiety / depression / insomnia or just feel overwhelmed with busy modern-day living?
  • Do you crave greater meaning in your life but are not sure what that looks like?
  • Do you feel a calling to learn about yoga and mindfulness?
  • Do you wish for more stillness and calm in your mind and a better relationship with your body?
  • Are you fed up of ‘quick fixes’ and ready to step up and take charge of your wellbeing?

100% of previous attendees have said that they would highly recommend this course to others!

“I came on the course to relax, switch off, turn away negative thoughts and learn yoga. The course exceeded my expectations, it was wonderful! Lauren is an exceptional teacher. I can’t believe the difference in myself in such a short space of time. I am clamer, happier and at ease with myself and those I love. I am converted and enlightened!” Hayley

“I came on the course to improve my sleep, reduce anxiety and to be more mindful. The course exceeded my expectations on every level! I thoroughly enjoyed each session. It was friendly, informative, relaxing, uplifting, fantastic! It brought me into a much lighter place. I found Lauren to be calming, very supportive, extremely knowledgeable and she has a sense of warmness towards others. Thank you so much Lauren for your kindness and wonderful energy!” Clair

Overview of the Course

The Yoga Therapy 8 Week Course has been specifically designed to empower you with the skills to enhance your mental and physical health in a natural yet powerful way. The course was developed by the Minded Institute – a leading organisation tailoring mind-body practices to support mental health, and is delivered by Dr Lauren Kita – a yoga therapist, yoga teacher and Psychologist. During the course we investigate and journey into the mind and body, using a combination of mindfulness meditation (one of the fasting growing therapies for mental health) as well as ancient yogic techniques.

Research has shown that the course significantly improves mood and helps to reduce anxiety.The intimate environment provides a safe space to share insights and to feel connected and supported on your journey to wellness.


Each week of the course combines yoga asanas (physical postures), breath work (pranayama) and mindfulness. Using these methods we explore physiological and psychological dimensions of mental health. The course combines scientific knowledge and embodied practice to empower you with the skills to enhance your wellbeing. You will learn how to use specific techniques to provide both immediate and long-term relief.

The yoga practice is specifically designed to rebalance your nervous system and to teach you how to regulate mood and emotions. You will learn which postures and breathing techniques are useful for creating energy, and which are useful for calming the mind and body. You will also learn how to use your breath to calm your mind, even during challenging situations. In this way, you will be provided with strategies that can be used both on and off the mat, with a focus on how these techniques can be incorporated into your daily life to enable you to better manage stress and enhance your wellbeing.

“My main reasons for coming on the course were to improve sleep problems, anxiety and mood. I had been looking out for an all-round course but had only found courses focused solely on mindfulness / meditation – this course was just right. The course met and exceeded my expectations…I found your teaching calm, relaxing and amazing, you have the loveliest voice and delivery and there was a calm progression through the yoga and mindfulness. I hope to take forwards in my daily life: not reacting so quickly and that my negative thoughts are just thoughts and don’t have to be acted upon, just acknowledged and moved to one side. Also to be kind and gentle to myself. Thank you so much” Anne

Weekly themes

In the first two weeks of the course you will be taught how to regulate and understand your mood through breath. Just as is the case with yoga posture, there are breath practices that are useful for energising whilst others are more helpful for quieting your nervous system and you will be taught when are the appropriate times to engage in these different practises.

In Week 3, we start to explore mindfulness through the body – Weeks 3 to 5 focus on how to understand emotional health through your body.

Finally, in Weeks 6 to 8, through the strength and resilience that has developed during the course, we are ready to begin to work with the mind, engaging in practices that enable you to view and adapt your mental patterns in new and helpful ways.

Each week’s theme builds upon and develops the previous week’s learning. At the end of each session there is a discussion period for you to share your experiences during class and how to use what you learn when facing the challenges of daily living. Many find this to be very positive and nurturing, however sharing is optional and you will never be pressured to speak if you don’t want to.

Homework Practice

Whilst it’s helpful to be part of a group in a class, building community and learning together, homework practise is vital to your growth – this really is when the shifts start to take place. You’ll be given homework at the end of each class (detailed in the manual) to practise daily along with optional reading material to support your learning.

Homework practice is an important way of integrating yoga and mindfulness practice into your daily life. By the end of the course you will be very familiar with the practice (which is also in the manual), so that you can to continue your development long after the course ends.

Course Materials

The course includes:
1) A comprehensive manual
2) A yoga therapy / mindfulness CD to support daily practice

What equipment do I need?

You will need to bring your own yoga mat (some spares are provided) and something warmer to wear during relaxation (a blanket or warm jumper is ideal). You may also like to bring a cushion to sit on during meditation.

Session Structure

Each class broadly follows the same 2 hour structure every week:
• Yoga practice 1 hour 15 minutes
• Breath work (pranyama) 15-20 minutes
• Group Activity 15 minutes. The group activity serves to highlight the teaching related to that week. Activities come from either the mindfulness or yoga tradition
• Group Discussion 15 minutes. During the discussion you can ask questions related to yoga and mindfulness, share insights, listen to others or choose to be silent.

“Beyond expectations. I’ve found it very transformational – both spiritual and practical. The group has been amazing and I can’t imagine a better teacher. 10/10” (Kelly)

Teacher support

During the course every student receives individual attention so you’ll feel safe and supported throughout. There is also an option to book private sessions with me outside of the course if you would like extra support.

Do I need to have previous Yoga and Mindfulness experience?

All levels of yoga and meditation are welcome – don’t worry if you are a complete beginner! The course is also suitable for those who are regular yoga practitioners – you will find the integration of weekly themes and mindfulness helps to take your practice to a much deeper level.

Is the course right for me?

The course is suitable for anyone wishing to upgrade their mental and physical wellbeing. The course is also helpful for anxiety, stress, sleep problems and depression.There are some conditions which are not suited to this course. This includes post traumatic stress and chronic fatigue (contact me if you are unsure). You will be asked to complete a registration form prior to booking to help me to ensure the course is right for you.

There are two pricing options depending on your needs:

a) Standard 8-Week Course Package – Your investment includes the complete 8-week course, consisting of 2 hour sessions each week accompanied with a detailed manual and course CD.

Cost:  £227 earlybird until September 1st (£247 thereafter)


b) Deluxe Package – Your investment includes additional 1-2-1 private support over the course of the 8-week programme for those who are committed to deepening their practice and feel they would benefit from extra support.

This includes:

  • The standard 8-week course package (worth £247)
  • Two private 1-2-1 yoga therapy sessions(1¼ hours each, worth £120)
  • Your own yoga kit to keep  (includes mat, eye pillow, yoga block and strap, worth £33)
  • Total value = £400

Cost:  £327 earlybird valid until September 1st (£347 thereafter)

Bonus: Everyone that joins will receive access to a private Facebook group to share insights and support both during and after the course.

(Payment plans can be offered in some circumstances, please get in touch to discuss)

Next course dates:

Starts Wednesday 4th October 2017 from 6.30-8.30pm (for 8 weeks) – this course is now fully booked. 

Venue:  studio behind the Goat & Tricycle pub, Bournemouth.

How to register

You can download the registration form below and return to me via email. Just click here: 8 week course registration form

Once I have received your form I will be in touch with booking details.

Contact me for further details

“I came on the course to help me managed anxiety and low mood. It met my expectations and was a very positive experience. Lauren was a fantastic teacher, explained things so well and the course has been a good grounding for future practice. 10/10” (Emily)

Bournemouth Yoga

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wellness!

Lauren x


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