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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is for you if:

– You are struggling with an emotional issue (such as stress, anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, PTSD) or a condition such as insomnia / fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue.

– You are looking for a holistic therapy that will help you to feel empowered, uplifted, connected and more peaceful.

– You want support from a professional that understands mental health, and draws upon the mind-body connection, and integrates science with spirituality.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy Bournemouth

Yoga therapy offers a holistic approach to enhancing your mental and physical health, through a combination of yoga, mindfulness and psychological support. There is increasing evidence to suggest that both yoga and mindfulness offer effective treatments for a range of physical and mental health conditions.

What does it involve?

Some of the things we will explore together include:

– Learning to notice and regulate your breathing to support your wellbeing and reduce anxiety

– Tailored yoga practices (this can include postures, breath practices, chanting and meditation), learning about both the psychological and physical benefits of each, so that you have a toolkit of resources at your disposal

– Exploring where your Chakras (energy systems) may be imbalanced and offering personalised practices aimed at creating balance and flow on a physical, psychological and spiritual level

– Deep relaxation practices to calm the body and mind

– A tailored yogic prescription for home-practice

– Calming and restoring mindfulness and meditation practices, to help to bring the mind to the present moment and more aware of past / future thinking

– Discussing lifestyle factors to support your wellness

How is yoga therapy different to normal yoga?

Yoga Therapy is a holistic therapy, adapted specifically to your individual needs. I did my yoga therapy training with the Minded Institute, an organisation specialising in the use of yoga to support mental and physical health. I am also currently undertaking an advanced Yoga Psychology training. While yoga offers wonderful health benefits, the reality is that not all yoga is suitable for everyone.

I take a compassionate and person-centred approach to my work, combining scientific knowledge (from my PhD background in Psychology) along with ancient yogic wisdom to offer a truly integrative therapy.

In my training and my work, I have helped people struggling with a range of conditions, from fibryomyalgia to anxiety, depression, PTSD and cancer recovery. If you have any hesitations as to whether it would be suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What about mindfulness?Sleep Therapy Bournemouth

Many of my clients have heard about, or practiced mindfulness, but felt that there was something missing, or found it difficult to be still for so long! Mindfulness is an inherent part of Yoga Therapy, and many people are relieved to hear that mindfulness doesn’t just have to mean sitting still in meditation for hours on end! For most people it is easier to incoporate mindfulness through movement (at least initially).

Traditionally, yoga postures were taught as a way to prepare the body for sitting in meditation. However not all yoga is taught in a mindful way. It is common for our minds to wander throughout our practice, perhaps planning ahead, thinking about what we are going to have for dinner, or judging ourselves for not being good enough at a pose! We will explore incorporating different mindfulness techniques into your yoga practice, to take it to a much deeper level.

Pricing / Further Details

  • Sessions are £60. The initial consultation session will be roughly 75 minutes, and following sessions are 1 hour. This includes personalised notes, home practice to take away and email support between sessions.
  • While you will most likely feel the effects of the practice straight away, it helps to have several sessions to really develop and see wider changes. We can discuss this further at the end of our first session.

Sessions are held in Bournemouth.

“I started to see Lauren after I had my second child and was struggling with depression, anxiety and insomnia. As soon as I met Lauren I instantly felt a connection with her. She is a very friendly, caring and approachable person with a calm and relaxing aura. She has been incredibly supportive in helping me to feel better. I found the yoga and breathing techniques really helpful, as well as the sleep plan she made me, which is something that I often refer back to.  I have also learnt a lot about health and nutrition as well as the relationship between mind and body. I incorporate Lauren’s advice into my daily life and her support has helped me to feel much more positive.” (Sally, Yoga Therapy Client)

“My main reasons for seeking yoga therapy were relaxation, stress reduction and overall health. Overall I have learnt to relax more, to notice tension in my body, particularly my shoulders, and my breathing. I found the entire therapy to be very beneficial, each session was well thought out and Lauren has very calming and clear instructions.I would most definitely recommend her to others.” (Rosamund, Yoga Therapy client)

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